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Dr. Aboo Nasar

Consultant Geriatric Specialist

Aboo Nasar MD.MPH.MBA is a Fellowship Geriatrician and Internal Medicine physician practicing in San Diego County over 14+ years and has been practicing over 23 yrs in total. He started a multi-specialty group in Dallas and moved to San Diego to pursue a Fellowship in Geriatrics in 2005. He has additional board Certifications in Holistic and Anti-Aging Functional Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Nasar's ultimate passion in Holistic and Integrative Medicine has been the driver behind the Integrative Medicine Clinics. He is Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Functional Regenerative Medicine. He has nurtured great interest in Brain Health and memory and setting up protocols to optimize Brain Health. He has mastered the art and technique of improving his clients' health and motivating them to put diet and lifestyle practices above pharmacotherapy. He is a prolific speaker and has delivered lectures in Integrative Holistic Medicine in National and International Health forums.

Dr. Nasar has served on Hospital Boards, ACO, and San Diego Independent ACO. He also served as Medical Director at multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Hospice Palliative Care Services. He has been quite instrumental in changing the landscape of Long-Term Care in San Diego County in addition to actively managing his own practice. In addition, he oversees Senior Medical Associates, a group of 30+Health Care Providers covering the entire San Diego County. Dr. Nasar's background in health care and particularly Long-Term Care as a professional and a business leader, has opened his mind and broadened his vision and medical direction of health care entities, particularly Senior Living facilities.

Dr Nasar routinely takes care of post-traumatic medical problems in the Geriatric population related to personal injuries including motor vehicular accidents, assaults, and falls. He specializes in the medico-legal evaluation of Geriatric issues after trauma. He is a well-known medico-legal expert in this arena.

Dr. Nasar was co-founder and Past President of Greater San Diego Bangladesh Association and Past Scientific Social Secretary of BMANA and current President of BMANA CA Chapter. Dr Nasar has his own private practice and works as a Consultant Geriatric Specialist for 'The Hosalkar Institute'.

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