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Dr. Janet Zakarian

Consultant Psychologist

Dr. Janet Zakarian is an Armenian-American Clinical Psychologist in San Diego. She first noticed her love for helping people through Psychology when she was in the 9th grade. From then on, her goal was to become a doctor in psychology and to help people. She went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA and her Doctorate degree from Alliant International University in San Diego. Dr. Zakarian gained her clinical experience from an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship in Community Psychology, working with the underserved minority populations in Los Angeles. She did her post doctorate training in two hospitals in South Bay. She utilizes helping people with a combination of both Western and Eastern practices as a scientific and holistic approach. She pays attention to details and is open to learning from new perspectives. Dr. Zakarian appreciates working collaboratively with her clients in order to best serve each individual client.

She enjoys working with kids, adults, and the elderly. Dr. Zakarian has worked in various inpatient and outpatient settings ranging from a hospital to a prison, to a center for autism. She specializes in individual therapy and group therapy including stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism and Intellectual Developmental Disorder), psychotic disorders, trauma, substance abuse, and more. Her therapy consists of both structured therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and unstructured therapy, like music therapy. Dr. Zakarian works using a humanistic approach and positive psychology. She also administers psychological evaluations to non-therapy patients who want to better understand their IQ or personality.

Dr. Janet has many interests and hobbies. She volunteers her time at an animal shelter and has volunteered at a wild animal shelter that had mountain lions and wolves! She believes music and motion are crucial for the health and wellness of the interconnected mind and body. Dr. Zakarian loves dancing and can dance more than 15 dance styles! She also has several years of martial arts training under her belt. She enjoys visiting nature and experiencing the beauty and healing it offers.

Dr. Janet Zakarian is a consultant for “The Hosalkar Institute”.

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