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Evelyn Demoss

Evelyn Demoss

Marketing Coordinator

Evelyn is a dedicated individual who has made a significant impact on her community in San Diego. Her experience in the chiropractic field for over 15 years reflects her deep commitment to this profession. Before her chiropractic journey, Evelyn also played a crucial role in managing a non-profit veterans program. This showcases her unwavering dedication to supporting and giving back to her community. Evelyn's personality is her exceptional ability to connect with others. Her outgoing and energetic nature leaves a lasting impression, making her a truly memorable and inspiring figure in her community. Evelyn's dedication to preserving and celebrating her Mexican heritage through folklorico dancing is a beautiful way to ensure the continued vitality of her cultural traditions. This not only enriches her own life but also allows her to share the beauty of her heritage with others. In summary, Evelyn is a multitalented individual with a profound passion for helping others, a strong commitment to community service, and a vibrant celebration of her heritage. Her ability to connect with people in both English and Spanish further enhances her ability to make a difference in her community.

43517 Ridge Park Dr.
Temecula, CA 92590

2023 W. Vista Way, Suite C
Vista, CA 92083

Suite 103, 2323 E 8th street, Wellness
Center National City, CA 91950