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  • Dr H: I can’t thank you enough for correcting all my limb deformities and helping me stand and walk again. It is not easy to have cerebral palsy as an adult. Thank you for understanding the needs of patients with spasticity. I am so glad to have found you!!
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    Travis Adams, North County
  • Thank you so much Dr H!!
    You fixed my broken shoulder and now I am able to function again and have no pain. We are so blessed to have found you
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    Joy Gallivan, California
  • Thank you Dr H!!!
    Thanks for fixing my knee and helping me get back to my favorite sport- Football!!
    You are the best
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    Jaden Meeks, San Diego
  • Hip preservation in an active young adult

    Suise F
  • I am so happy tone back on my feet again!!- Thank you Dr Hosalkar for your wonderful care…
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    Alice Flores and Husband, San Diego
  • After 17 surgeries for reconstruction and MHE, Zachary Vidrio wears a great smile on his face, has a positive attitude towards life and continues to be a trooper!
    He is indeed one of the ‘true heroes’ as a patient of ‘The Hosalkar Institute for Joint Preservation and Injury Care’ and – ‘I am proud to be his doctor’ – Says Dr Harish Hosalkar.

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    Zachary Vidrio
  • Dr Hosalkar- I have no words to thank you for fixing my hip with hip preservation surgery and getting me back on my feet again
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    Vartan Palandjian, North County, San Diego
  • Bringing a smile on Peter Sroka’s face following his reconstructive surgeries….makes it all worth doing what I do on a daily basis- Dr Hosalkar
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    Peter S
  • Thank’s to Dr Hosalkar: I can walk again!

    Ronald Zaberer, California.
  • Thank you Dr H !!!! for fixing my crushed thumb!
    We are so happy to have you in the North County for all our children’s injuries.
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    Mom- Encinitas


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