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  • Dr Hosalkar successfully fixed both my broken arms, He is the best!

    James Emig
  • Dr H changed my life for the better….He is the best.

    Tamzin Pabst
  • Ankle Fracture – Patient Testimonial

    Dr Hosalkar got me back on my feet again. I am a 40 year-old and suffered a complex ankle fracture with risk factors including chronic smoking that made it a very challenging case for healing. Dr Hosalkar helped fix my ankle perfectly and additionally helped me with ultrasound based bone stimulation to allow my bones to heal well and get me back to full function. I cannot thank Dr Hosalkar enough for what he did to get me to heal and back to my life!!
  • Hip Replacement Surgery


    Amputee walking again

    Amputee walking again Amputee walking again


    Thank you for fixing both my knees Dr. H! I am back to all my activities again.

    Diana Faatolia, San Diego
    By - Diana Faatolia, San Diego.

    Thank you for fixing my broken hip Dr. H. You are wonderful and may God bless you.

    Jeannette Hagerty, San Diego
    By - Jeannette Hagerty, San Diego.

    My elbow and knee were essentially shattered following a terrible fall. Thank you Dr. Hosalkar for fixing all my broken bones and getting me back to my life and mobility again.

    Alma Beristain Martinez, San Diego
    By - Alma Beristain Martinez, San Diego.

    Dr. H! Thank you for fixing my broken hip. It feels great to be back on my feet again and walk.

    Daliah Rawlins, San Diego
    By - Daliah Rawlins, San Diego.

    Thank you Dr. H for fixing my ankle and helping me get back to my life again. You are the best!!

    Chris Isidro, San Diego
    By - Chris Isidro, San Diego.

    I am so happy and thankful to be walking again! Thank you, Dr. H, for everything and especially for fixing my hip.

    Mary Campbell
    By - Mary Campbell, (North County) San Diego.

    Thank you Dr. Hosalkar for fixing my broken hip and helping me walk again!

    Mary Campbell
    By - Margaret Fournier, (North County) San Diego.

    Dr. H!! Thank you for getting me back on my feet again. You did wonders by preserving my leg.

    Mary Campbell
    By - Bruce Brown, (North County) San Diego.

    Thank you Dr. Hosalkar! For everything you have done for me and correcting my deformities.

    Mary Campbell
    By - Bogdan Abraham, (North County) San Diego.

    Dr. H! Thank you so much for fixing my broken shoulder. Your entire office team and you have done a wonderful job and have been very supportive during my recovery.

    Mary Campbell
    By - George King, (North County) San Diego.

    Thank you for fixing my hip and helping me walk again, Dr. H.

    Mary Campbell
    By - Robert Cracchiola, (North County) San Diego.

    I was in a terrible car accident last june i was rear ended by an ford f150 in my sports car sitting at a red light the guys fell asleep sending me to the emergency room with back and neck trama thanks to you dr im able to function with lifes activities you are a blessing.
    Orlando Howell.

    Thanks for all your help Doc! This man is truly an extrodinary Dr. He has answered all my questions and I left the office feeling very good about my healing process
  • After a nasty fall on my right hip on Christmas Eve, I found myself faced with orthopedic surgery to my hip joint to place 3 screws in the bone to stabilize the fracture. Dr. Harish Hosalkar was the on-call doctor performing the surgery on Christmas morning, and I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, informed, understanding, knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Hosalkar. I had just flown across the country to visit family, and Scripps Encinitas said that Dr. Hosalkar was the doctor who was on-call. I would highly recommend Dr. Hosalkar to anyone who has need of an orthopedic surgeon. You just know when someone is a good person, and he is one of the special ones!
    Frances J
  • Like many others before me, I can say thisis one amazing man. He doesnt feel above you, better than you or like you are a bore or bother to him. He gives his personal cell and email to all of his patients to reach him any time and is actually so glad when you call with a question, rather than waiting until the office opens. He is no longer with Rady Children’s He owns the Center for Hip Preservation and Children’s Orthopaedics and his assistant Kris is there too, and she will also give you her cell # He has an office in Sand Diego and Another in Encinitas, making him the only Pediatric Orthopedist in North County. He is worth the drive no matter where he is. I called him one evening when my daughter broke her arm, his response was where should I meet you? He has many Hospital affiliations, I learned so he can go everywhere. He is kind, caring and will spend an hour with you if you want, so he can explain it all. everything for you, your teen or your baby. He even reopened his adolescent and adult practice now seeing all ages. CALL HIM UP any time…. Find him practicing out of Oasis 858-571-0606 (office #)…. he is waiting for your call… i will always take my baby girl to him as long as i have his cell # i can find him!
  • I highly recommend this dr. I am a very straight forward person and when I say something I mean it. He did two different surgeries on my 11 year old daughter t the time her hips an knees. My daughter healed beautifully and fast. He was kind, understanding and cares a lot about my daughter as a patient. He saved my daughters 20-40 years of pain and agony because both knee and hip were in bad condition. It is now 2 years later and the job on her knees were done so perfect that she needs to take the medal plates out her knees soon because it worked way faster and effectively then we thought. Thank you Dr. Holsalkar.. We appreciate you very much glad you came to San Diego.. See you soon.. Rady’s Children’s is the best
  • Dr. Hosalkar is truly one of the finest physicians we have ever known. Our son has an extremely complicated degenerative hip condition that we have struggled to find the proper course of treatment for. We have been to several children’s hospitals in the US and so from the first appointment, we could see that there is something very special about this Doctor. He treated us with compassion, he recognized our frustration from the years of not getting answers; he spoke so kindly and directly to our son, and he was also careful to have him leave the room when we needed to discuss more intense, difficult elements of his treatment; such discretion. The hip examine is typical but Dr Hosalkar only looks at the face and eyes of his patient to detect the slightest hint of pain to be able to determine range of motion. Any other ortho I have known needed our son to vocalize his pain at every turn and flex of the leg. Not Dr. Hosalkar. He is intuitive, such an expert… We entrusted him with our son for an 8 hour surgery to help repair his hip and from first appointment, scheduling, pre-op, surgery, hospital, and the long LONG months of recovery, Dr. H and his assistant Kris took such great care of us. Our son can finally walk and play without pain after years of suffering and we are beyond thankful.
    Julie W
  • Dr. Hosalker took wonderful care of my son after we found out that he had Perthes Disease in his hip. In July of 2011 my son had Triple pelvic osteotomy surgery done by Dr. Hosalker. Now two years later, my 8 year old son is an amazing athlete. You would never know he had anything wrong with him. This man is sent from God. Truly an answer to prayer.


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