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  • The Best Hip Surgeon!!

    Thank you for your fantastic hip preservation surgery on me. I am able to get back to my life again
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    Jackie Seglin, California
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for giving me the ‘best cast’ for my broken wrist

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    Kris Sheth, San Diego
  • Dr. Hosalkar is my true Hero!

    Approximately 1 year ago, I was on the verge of losing my right leg and almost needed amputation. I had bone infection, a non-healing fracture, and pus in my leg. Thanks to Dr. Hosalkar’s excellent care I am now walking again. There is still hope for a lot of diabetic patients with problems similar to mine.
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    Kristen Shotwell, California
  • I sincerely want to thank Dr Hosalkar for repairing my broken wrist and restoring my function and motion. He is the best!!

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    Corine Lajoie, CA
  • Thank you so much Dr Hosalkar for fixing both my hips and making me pain free again!! I can’t thank you enough….

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    Deborah Smith, Vista, California
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for fixing my hip and helping me walk normally again

    Timothy Doyle, CA
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for taking care of my broken elbow! And being available for the children in north county

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    Angelina guerra, San Diego
  • Dr. Hosalkar is truly amazing. So professional and kind. His understanding of my injury, knowledge what needs to be done, taking the time to explain everything and compassion was wonderful. You knows he cares!! After our first meeting I told the staff how nice he was and they said he is that way with everyone.
    I had 2 bad breaks in my ankle and he wanted to avoid surgery – I was to follow his directions – which I did have now healed because of him.
    I recommend him 200 percent. He is also a orthopedic pediatric doctor.
    Kathy Desmarais
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for fixing my leg and giving me ‘the worlds most beautiful cast’!!!
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    Harley Zenns and Family, California
  • He is one of the best Ortho-Surgeon in town !

    Dr.Hosalkar gave us one of the best experience. My dad (visiting USA) got hit by a car due to reckless driving and had acute tibial plateau fracture. Doctor Hosalkar and his team performed surgical fixation in his left knee and treated for the same. His office and staffs were so friendly and accomodated us knowing the gravity of our situation. Dr. Hosalkar was thoroughly professional and deeply knowledgeable who explained my dad before each and every treatment/procedure. He ensured my dad understood and felt comfortable with each step. I felt lucky to have met Dr.Hosalkar at the right moment and definitely recommend him to my colleagues and family who suffer from hip & joint accidents. He is one of the best Ortho-Surgeon in town !
    Sai Srinivasan Subramanian, San Diego


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