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  • From being a Marathon runner to almost getting disabled, Dr Hosalkar fixed my hip with ‘Hip Preservation’ surgery and helped me get back to my life again

  • There is not enough “stars” to rate him because he is beyond the very Best.

    I can not say enough about Dr. Hosalkar, he has been a true blessing to my son Zackary, my family and me. My son and I have a rare Bone Disease called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses(MHE) and Dr. Hosalkar is one of the VERY few Doctors around that know anything about MHE. He has done both of my son’s hips with a surgery that Dislocates the hip and then he restores the hip. My son went 12 years without barely any movement in his hips and now he has 100% movement. Night and Day difference. He has also performed that same surgery on my right hip. Through out the 4 years we have been with Dr.H he has perform many surgeries for Zack & I and all with great success… He his like family to us. He is always there for us. I have recommended him to many and all have come back to me with Great Thanks, loving him just as much as we do. If I had my way Dr. Hosalkar would be my everything Doctor, the only Doctor I would go see… There is not enough “stars” to rate him because he is beyond the very Best.
    Christi Vidrio from Temecula California
  • Smoking and Ankle fracture is not a good combination!

    Dr Hosalkar successfully healed my ankle fracture and I am back to full function. Thank you Dr Hosalkar for being such a wonderful doctor and a great human being.
    Katherine Desmarais, San Diego
  • Dr Hosalkar is a wonderful doctor with a heart of GOLD!

    I can’t tell you how thankful I am. I suffered almost one year with an infection to my left foot. You saved me from losing my foot. You are a wonderful doctor with a heart of gold. You and your staff are terrific.
    Many Many thanks
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    Kinneth L. Boyett
  • Dr Hosalkar is the best orthopedic surgeon you would ever meet! I thank him for his excellent care.

    Nancy Kreider, California
  • I would highly recommend Dr Hosalkar!!

    Jim Wrytzen, San Diego, Califnornia
  • We would highly recommend Dr. Hosalkar!

    My daughter needed surgery on her foot to remove a piece of a sewing needle that had lodged in the bottom of her foot. The emergency room doctor referred us to Dr. Hosalkar when he could not remove it with a local anesthetic. Dr. Hosalkar agreed to see us the very next day and scheduled her surgery within two days. He explained everything in detail and gave her three options. He took plenty of time with her. We never felt rushed while in his office. He and his staff were extremely pleasant, personable and professional. Surgery was short and successful and she is on the road to recovery. We would highly recommend Dr. Hosalkar!
    Ellen. Brown and Robin. Mathews. Oceanside, CA
  • Hip Fracture in a known smoker is not a good problem to have.

    Dr Hosalkar helped me to successfully get the fracture healed and walk normal again.
    Hans Odjik
  • I am a Teenager with badly broken collar bone!! Here’s my story….

    E C
  • Dr Hosalkar was the first one to diagnose my hip problem and fix it!!

    My name is Jenel Kadlick and I am an active 33 year old mother of two little girls.

    Jenel KadlickI’ve been an avid runner for 8 years, however the past three years I have gone from running to barely being able to walk. After I had my first child I started back into marathon training and soon I realized something was just not right, I had a lot of low back pain at first, went into Physical Therapy and was told I needed to strengthen my core. Six months into strengthening and running I was still having pain and to the point it held me back from running at times, I was told it was my SI joint and I had countless cortisone injections, then my pain really started to get worse, and I started having groin pain and deep buttock pain. I finally had to stop running altogether a year into my pain journey. I remember being on holiday in Italy and in crippling pain walking through the Vatican, not how I wanted to remember Italy or live my life.

    Fast forward to a year and a half later and another pregnancy, I was in tremendous pain, I decided it was time to find the right doctor to help me, all the doctors I saw prior to Dr. Hosalkar would just tell me I needed to deal with the pain and stop running, being only 33 I thought that was a crazy thing to tell someone! I finally found a great GP who guided me in the direction towards Dr. Hosalkar, and boy am I glad he did!

    Dr. Hosalkar was the first doctor I had seen that took me serious and took the time to find out what was wrong. I knew the pain was now coming from my hip, but all other doctors did not believe me and wouldn’t to do anything except injections. Dr. Hosalkar took the time to diagnosis me and was the first doctor that told me he could get me back into running! He took the time to explain everything to me in detail, he made sure I was well informed about my diagnosis and what needed to be done. I thought, “sign me up, let’s fix this”! I had hope for the first time in 3 years!

    Here I am, 6 weeks into recovery from hip preservation surgery and I am already feeling 100% better than pre-surgery! I can actually handle doing more now, and don’t wake up in pain every morning! It amazes me how much better I feel so soon into recovery! I’m so glad I found Dr. Hosalkar! He saved me from years of pain. I’m on the road to a quick recovery and plan to be running soon! Thank you, Dr. Hosalkar!
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    Jenel Kadlick


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