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  • Dr Hosalkar you rock!
    Thank you for fixing my knee and helping me get back to sports again!!
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    Shad Holdaway, North County
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for helping me heal my shoulder fracture and getting back to motion again!
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    Pamela Shean, North County San Diego.
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for fixing my broken collar bone and helping me come back to my life again!
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    Leslie Saulog, National City, CA
  • I am so thankful to you Dr Hosalkar for fixing my badly broken shoulder and helping me get back to being functioning again.
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    Nancy O'Connor, National City, CA
  • Dr Hosalkar- Thank you so much for fixing my hip fracture and helping me walk again. I am so indebted to you
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    Isabelle Weedon, North County, San Diego
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for fixing my broken leg and busted ankle. I was afraid I would never walk again. Thanks to you I am now not only walking but able to dance again!!
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    Lucy Laudate, San Diego, California
  • Love, Loyalty, Healing and Healthcare

    As a commercial Boeing 757 pilot, Matthew Halstead was responsible for carefully guiding 255,000 pounds of metal through the air at 600 MPH. He did it well, and he did it with precision. But the accident that would prove to be the life-changing event for Halstead didn’t involve giant aircraft hurtling through space. The things that changed his life on a balmy Bahamian night on December 12, 2013 was a motorized Razor Scooter and a pothole.
    Matthew Halstead
  • A Young Man’s Journey From Injury to Health

    A crushed ankle and a damaged hip. That was the reality that Jonathan Hoehn, 22, faced one year ago this month after suffering a motorcycle accident in San Diego. He was rushed to a local hospital where they immediately performed surgery on him to repair the critical damage. The bones mended, but the pain remained. “The doctor told me that after six months, I should be well enough to go back to work,” Hoehn related. “But my ankle and hip were still killing me, still very painful.”
    Jonathan Hoehn
  • Thank you Dr Hosalkar for helping me with my orthopedic problem and helping me walk better! Also thank you for being the ‘Orthopedist’ for our family
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    Arthur Flores, Vista, California.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Walks Again: Brain Hodges.
    Thank you Dr Hosalkar for helping me with my TBI and knee deformity correction!
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    Brian and Shimeaka Hodges.


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