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A 3-year-old girl from rural India with a complex hip infection is now able to walk after a successful surgery by doctors at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital – Yeshwanthpur in Bangalore. A group of doctors at the hospital, led by Dr. Harish Hosalkar from San Diego, California and Dr Kamini Kurpad, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Columbia Asia, completed the surgery.

The girl had an infection from infancy that had deformed her hip joint, making it impossible for her to lead a normal life. Because of the condition, sequelae of septic arthritis, she had a limited movement in her hip and could walk only with a limp.

During the surgery, the doctors deepened the the socket of her hip joint and redirected the head of the thigh bone into the deepened socket. They also fixed the neck of her femur to help in the remodeling of the joint. The surgery helped keep her hip stable, improve the range of motion and decrease her limp.

After five days, the girl was discharged while in a cast and advised to undergo physiotherapy to aid the recovery of her hip movement within six weeks. Her family could not afford medical care, and the doctors performed the surgery for free.


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